Pure Capitalism, Pure Socialism, and Health Care

I see a lot of people villifying capitalism and socialism, piting them against each other as if one where completely right and the other completely wrong. People taking sides, calling Obama a socialist or saying that capitalism is the mother of all evils. The truth is that, right now, the US nor much of Europe, is living in a pure capitalist society nor in a pure socialist society. The US system has socialist elements within its so-called capitalist economic structure. Its not one thing or the other and socialism in itself is not bad; its more like having the right mixture or combination. For example, most people would not be in favor of getting rid of public education. That’s just one example, of a socialist element within the mostly capitalist US system. These days, some people are arguing that having universal health care or a public option, would be an economic boon to individuals and families that would no longer have to choose between dying and going bankrupt. In my opinion, universal health care or the public option is a policy that would create the right balance in the current public structure. It would not only be the moral thing to do, but economic data has shown that either the public option or universal health care would save the current health care system *BILLIONS* of dollars in burecracy costs (see more information on this in the article that I included below). In other words, providing a public option or universal health care (single-payer health care) would essentially pay for itself. Get more bang, for your buck. Who can argue with that? Its completely illogical for someone to stand in the way of more people getting insured, not dying or getting sick, all while helping the economy same money at the same time. It’s absurd. The only reason why such a status quo continues to exist is because: (1) the health care industry does not want things to change and (2) people are not aware of the truth. Its going to take some smart politicians (hmm) to make people aware of the facts and counteract the myths and lies that have been propagated by sectors that do not want change and will stand completely in the way of it.