Five Good Days: Routine


There are people who wake up every day feeling grateful and excited, as though every sleep is a reset button, and every morning a new opportunity. There are also people who wake up slow and sadly, rising up on a weary elbow in bed and thinking, “Oh, great. This again.”

Some of us wake up in a kind of gray, the color of snowflakes falling against a cloudy sky. We’re not quite sure what we feel when we open our eyes, or what to expect from another day. Maybe it’s the same as yesterday; maybe it’s completely different. Who knows? Who cares? Let’s just do this thing.

Sometimes I wonder what decides “good” days from “bad.” Is it a mood? Is it an incident or experience, a series of incidents or experiences? How much depends on the people one meets, the sites one sees, the outfit one wears? Sometimes it…

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