So … what to write about?

Since I assume I have no one is following me (right now) I can speak freely and ask myself –> what should I write about? Well, among the topics that I could discuss could be pop culture, science fiction, just simply being alive, etc. Give my opinion on things. That could be another one. I’m a very opinionated person (particularly on things relating to pop culture and art; so there’s that). I guess it could be a mixture of a day in the life thing and also a blog about *opinions* on all things pop culture.

Ok. Good enough.

But I also don’t want to limit myself to that. I’m also interested in business [and learning more about business [and law]]. So writing about that subject matter could also help me learn more about it. I guess I would also like to talk about the absurdity of human beings and how tough it is to make it through the world … but … somehow we do … and that’s the point … there is no other book that makes that point more clearly than the book “The Myth of Sysyphus”. But more on that (and existential/humanist psychologist) later.


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